Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I was visiting one my weekly haunts, The Lettered Cottage, early this morning and was nearly knocked off my chair with the most incredible, inspiring story of A Very Modest Cottage.

The incredible Tereasa Surratt, vintage collection curator and co-founder of Camp Wandawega, believes that....   

"Even the most modest of projects can be become something beautiful. 
There is no such thing as too far gone. With hope and a hammer, I believe there is 
always a way.

Tom's Treehouse build with love and found items at Camp Wandawega.

In Tereasa's words I found such incredible inspiration. As a newly married lady on a shoestring budget, I realize that creativity is my biggest ally in building the life and home I love.  I've always felt such a connection with found items and the stories they hold. Don't get me wrong, a love a good Pottery Barn couch, but my most treasured items have lived many lifetimes before my own.

My wedding. 75 year old milk glass, boxes made from reclaimed barn wood,  glass carafes from flea market...

I am on a mission to grow with Tereasa's words. While I've always loved my collected treasures, her mantra of creating beauty from items that are Found, Free or Flea is now my goal. For all of you willing to take the challenge, walk down this road with me! 

5 reasons to only use items around your home that are found, free or flea:
  1. It's CHEAPER!
  2. Talk about eco-friendly! Give pieces a new life and keep them out of the landfill.
  3. Found items inject a certain level of personality into your home.
  4. Respect history and take care of items with a past.
  5. It's so much more rewarding to create than it is to buy.
Some reading materials to get you going:



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