Monday, July 25, 2011

Time For A Change. Pt. 1

Have you ever been, let's say, washing dishes and all of the sudden you look around the kitchen that you previously have loved and thought, "How can I live like this?!" It's not that your kitchen is dirty or ugly or poorly functioning, but it's in dire need of a change. 

As much as we'd all love to run out to our favorite stores and purchase all things anew (ahem, pottery barn), that's just not practical, economical, eco-conscious or possible. Luckily, it is possible to get a fresh update on the cheap. Starting with the most inexpensive solutions, follow as many of the steps below until you have reached new-phoria.

Step 1: Get Your Act Together

Sometimes the only thing a room needs is a good de-cluttering and floor-to-ceiling scrubbing. If that doesn't feel like enough, then it's time to get organized. NOTHING feels better than unabashed, unrelenting, anal-retentive organizing. Case in point....

Courtesy of Vintage Mint

Pottery Barn
Don't know where to start? Try the Container Store's 30-minute organization projects. 

Group like items and think creatively when trying to house them. Source various baskets, boxes and miscellaneous containers from around your house. You'll be surprised at what you can repurpose if you have a look around. 

If you don't have any containers available, you can purchase some relatively inexpensive options that can be used over and over as your needs change. Some of my favorites include:
  1. Rattan baskets, Search for rattan basket. HomeGoods often has some great options, too.
  2. Mason jars, Ball Regular Mason Canning Jar 1/2 Pt., Case of 12
  3. Cardboard boxes covered in pretty paper or fabric
  4. Inexpensive galvanized metal buckets and baskets, Search for wire baskets for storage. Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn are also always great!
A word of caution, one small project can often lead to an organization blitz. Your home will very likely look like a bomb went off during the process. But trust, it's well worth it.

Stay tuned for Step 2...

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